The Cahuenga Project

Preliminary Sites

The Twenty-three Preliminary Sites
Cahuenga ElementaryAs much information about the twenty-three sites was gathered in the three short weeks allotted to this part of the process. Information about each site was gathered and distributed to all of the subcommittees. Also graphic information was incorporated into large posters for each site.

The Nine Recommended Sites
The twenty-three sites were put into three categories:

  • Recommended Sites: these fulfill many of the established site criteria.
  • Not Recommended Sites: these sites are not recommended because of their locations. Most of them fall out of the Cahuenga catchment area or are unsuitable for other reasons.
  • Possible Sites: these sites are possible sites but less desirable than the recommended ones.

Concordia Inc. narrowed the list of twenty-three sites to nine recommended sites with the above mentioned site criteria in mind. Unfortunately, because of time and budget constraints, acquisition and relocation studies were only done for these nine sites. Ideally, acquisition and relocation studies for all twenty-three sites would have given more complete information to the subcommittees.

The Final Six Selected Sites
At the sixth meeting, each subcommittee member with six nominations chose his/her six favorite sites. The sites would then be listed in order of how many nominations were cast for each. In order to break any ties, another round of selections were made with only one nomination per subcommittee member in choosing his/her number one favorite site.

Although this was an arduous and sometimes frustrating process, its success is tangible in that the community surrounding the Cahuenga Elementary School has become more cohesive and clear in knowing what they have, what they need and what they want for their children. The Cahuenga community now has the tools to establish a Learning Community, which, because of the work of the Steering Committee, is now closer to reality.

In conclusion, the community surrounding the Cahuenga Elementary School would like the following scenario for the expansion of its elementary school:

1) The existing Cahuenga Elementary School with 800 students

2) Six (6) other selected sites in the area surrounding the Cahuenga Elementary School with roughly 400 students

After a few more iterations, the current list has eight sites. Throughout the process, different constituencies have moved to block or promote certain sites. The sites were chosen through a process of collaboration and compromise.

Click here to see a map of the chosen sites.