May 26 - 27, 1999 Symposium, Getty Center - Los Angeles

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Keynote Address
Hayward USD
Tree People
Realities: Part 1
Realities: Part 2
"Schools You Can Use"
Audience Participation

Breakout Panels
Vision 1
Vision 2
Joint Use 1
Joint Use 2
Joint Use 2a
Regulatory Barriers 1
Regulatory Barriers 2a
Regulatory Barriers 2b

Day 2 Welcome
Cast Study: Cahuenga Elementary
Case Study: Pueblo Elementary
Felicia Marcus
Elected Officials: Response
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These slides were created during the first two-day, New Schools/Better Neighborhoods symposium on May 26-27 at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Issues raised during panel discussions and visioning sessions were captured by professional facilitators in the graphical format you see represented above.

Tom Benthin, Mitch Glanz, Christina Murkley, Grove Consultants International.
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