January 21, 2000 Symposium, Occidental College - Los Angeles


Morning Session

7:30 a.m. Registration and Continental Breakfast
Thorne Hall

8:00 a.m. Welcome
Thorne Hall
  • Ted Mitchell, President of Occidental College
  • David Abel, Chair of New Schools/Better Neighborhoods
  • Aileen Adams, CA Secretary of State & Consumer Services

8:20 a.m. LAUSD regarding What If - New Schools, Better Neighborhoods, More Livable Communities
Thorne Hall


  • Connie Rice, The Advancement Project


  • Genethia Hayes, LAUSD Board of Education President
  • Howard Miller, LAUSD COO


  • Hon. Gloria Molina, County Supervisor
  • Mayor Bill Bogaard, Pasadena
  • Con Howe, L.A. Planning Department

9:15 a.m. Mission of NSBN - Opportunities for the Future
Thorne Hall


  • Paul Vandeventer, President, Community Partners

  • Richard Riley, U.S. Sec. Of Education
  • Fritz Edelstein, U.S. Department of Education
  • Alex Rose, Urban Land Institute
  • Karen Bass, Community Coalition
  • Steven Bingler, Concordia
  • Paul Hernandez, NSBN

9:35 a.m. Challenges Remaining
Thorne Hall


  • David Abel

Master Plan Revision

  • Kathi Littman, LAUSD
  • Steven Bingler, Concordia

Site Selection

  • Hon. David Tokofsky, LAUSD
  • Jennifer Hernandez, Beveridge & Diamond

Community as Client

  • Raphael Sonenshein, CSUF
  • Paul Hernandez, NSBN

Environmental Review

  • Bill Panos, LAUSD
  • Hamid Saebfar, State Department of Toxic Substances Control

Bond Funding

  • Molly Munger, The Advancement Project
  • Lyle Smoot, LAUSD

Project Management

  • Alan Klute*, OBK
  • Guillermo Aguillar*, OBK

10:50 a.m. Progress Reports: Getty Symposium Demonstration Projects
Thorne Hall


  • Steve Soboroff, Chair, Prop. BB Citizens’ Oversight Commission

Cahuenga Community Engagement Project

  • George Richter, Beverly-Kingsley Homeowners Association
  • Bobbie Hill, Concordia

Pueblo Nuevo Charter School

  • Phillip Lance, Pueblo Nuevo Development
  • Anita Landecker, ExEd

City of Glendale: Joint-Use Case Study

  • Dr. Steven Hodgeson, Glendale Unified School District
  • Scott Reese, Glendale Parks & Rec.
  • Kate Diamond, Siegel Diamond Architecture

12:00 p.m. Working Lunch
Johnson Student Center


  • Steve Soboroff, Chair, Prop. BB Citizens' Oversight Commission

Featured Speaker:

  • Hon. Jack O'Connell, State Senator


  • Hon. Julie Korenstein, LAUSD Boardmember
  • Bev Cook, UTLA
  • Doug Smith, L.A. Times
  • David Baker, Daily News

Afternoon Session

1:15 p.m. Break-out Sessions
Johnson Student Center

Round One (Three Panels Simultaneously--Choose One)

  • 1A--Linking Facilities Planning with Instruction


    • Ted Mitchell, Occidental College


    • Harold Levine, UCLA
    • Chuck Lagreco, USC
    • Ronnie Ephrim, LAUSD
    • Morgan Binswanger, CAA
    • Jim Konantz, LAUSD
    • Beth Raanan, Gensler
    • Representative from Long Beach Schools*
    • Peggy Funkhouser, LAEP
    • Jackie Barham, LAUSD
    • Chet Widom*, FAIA, Mayor's Primary Task Force

  • 1B--Regulatory and Planning Issues


    • Lillian Kawasaki, L.A. Department of Environmental Affairs


    • Luisa Park, State Office of Public School Construction
    • Hon. Mark Ridley-Thomas, L.A. City Councilman
    • Kathi Littman, LAUSD
    • Duwayne Brooks, State Department of Education
    • Angelo Bellomo, LAUSD Environmental
    • Steve Andrews, L.A. CRA
    • Hamid Sebfar, State Department of Toxic Substances Control
    • Madison Shockley, New Visions Fdn.

  • 1C-- Joint Use Issues


    • Felicia Marcus*, USEPA Region 9 Administrator


    • Howard Miller, LAUSD COO
    • Steve Ross, Playa Vista
    • Hon. Robert Hertzberg, Assembly Rules Chair
    • Ellen Oppenheim, Department of Recreation and Parks
    • Barbara Zeidman*, Fannie Mae
    • Jeff Rudolph, CA ScienCenter
    • Dan Rosenfeld, LaSalle Partners
    • Georgia Mercer, LA Community College District Boardmember

2:35 p.m. Break-out Sessions
Johnson Student Center

Round Two (Three Panels Simultaneously--Choose One)

  • 2A-- Regulatory and Planning Issues


    • Steven Bingler, Concordia Inc.


    • Robert Garcia, Environmental Defense Fund
    • Santiago Jackson, LAUSD
    • Kathi Littman, LAUSD
    • Fred Hummel, State Architect
    • Doug Otto, Long Beach
    • O'Malley Miller, Esq
    • Luisa Park, State Office of Public School Construction
    • Dwayne Brooks, State Dept. of Education
    • Jennifer Hernandez, Beveridge & Diamond
    • Mike Woo, Local Initiatives Support Corp

  • 2B--Joint Use Case Studies


    • George Minter, Sempra Energy


    • Alex Rose, ULI
    • Michael Shannon*, UCLA
    • Lynn Roberts, LAUSD
    • John Quiter, Cunningham Group
    • Ernie Moreno, ELA College
    • Michael Lehrer, AIA/ Prop. BB Oversight Commission
    • Andy Lipkis, TreePeople
    • Mark Slavkin*, LAAMP

  • 2C--Press Coverage: School Facilities


    • Gregory Rodriguez, Columnist


    • Richard Colvin*, L.A. Times
    • Marie Ballesteros*, La Opinion
    • Howard Fine, LA Business Journal
    • David Baker, Daily News
    • Jill Stewart*, New Times
    • Glenn Gritzner, The Planning Report
    • Howard Blume, L.A. Weekly

3:50 p.m. Elected and Public Officials Panel
Thorne Hall


  • Connie Rice, LAUSD
  • Ron Prescott, LAUSD

  • LAUSD Board Members:
    • David Tokofsky
    • Caprice Young
    • Valerie Fields

  • Senator Richard Alarcon*
  • Assemblyman Jack Scott
  • Assemblyman Scott Wildman
  • Assemblyman Carl Washington*
  • Assemblyman Gil Cedillo*

5:00 p.m. Closing and Reception

* Invited but not confirmed.