Schools as Centers of Neighborhood Vitality

Briefing Book - Table of Contents
NSBN Getty Symposium - May 29, 2003

1. NSBN Getty Symposium "Schools as Centers of Neighborhood Vitality" Symposium, May 29, 2003 Agenda

The Challenge to Building Schools as Centers of Neighborhood Vitality

1. Richard Riley. Forum on Schools as Centers of Community, KnowledgeWorks Foundation, January 10, 2003
2. California State November 2002 Bond -- Proposition 47
3. LAUSD School Construction & Modernization Bond Fact Sheet
4. Basic Facts About Proposition 10 and First 5 LA
5. "State Architect Reflects On How School Districts Interact With State For Approval To Build New Facilities," The Planning Report, April 25, 2003

Westlake, Los Angeles Case Study

1. Project Evolution Fact Sheet
2. "LAUSD to Work With Developer on Mixed-Use Project," Los Angeles Business Journal, April 14, 2003
3. Press Handout -- March 3, 2003 Press Conference

City Heights, San Diego -- The Role of Third-Party Intermediaries

1. "San Diego Unified School District is Proving that Schools Can Revitalize & Anchor Neighborhoods." Interview with Lou Smith, The Planning Report, January 2002.
2. "San Diego's CityLink Offers a Model for Rebuilding Inner Cities." Interview with William Jones. The Planning Report. August 2002.

Elizabeth Street Learning Center, Los Angeles -- A Shared-Use Neighborhood School

1. "Joint Use: Elizabeth Learning Center, Programs and Services for Families and Children 0-5"

Charter Schools: Alternative Neighborhood Centered School Facility Success

1. "Charters: Pluses and Minuses." Sacramento Bee. Erika Chavez. May 22, 2002.
2. About Camino Nuevo, Pueblo Nuevo and ExEd.

Sustainable Design: High Performance "Environment Friendly" New Community Schools

1. California High Performance School (CHPS) Overview
2. "Sacramento Urges Innovation in Public School Facilities: Sec. Adams Sees Direct Link to Better Schools." Interview with Aileen Adams. NSBN Newsletter. Summer 2001.
3. "L.A. City Architect Articulates Public Mission: Make Substantive Improvements in City's Quality of Life." Interview with Deborah Weintraub. The Planning Report. March 2002.

Challenges of Collaborative, Mixed Use Planning and Leveraging Funds

1. CA State and LA County Bond Funding -- Chart Overview
2. 21st Century School Fund information.
3. "San Diego City Schools and City of San Diego to maximize joint use and property resources." News Release. San Diego City Schools. October 9, 2002.
4. "The Ambassador Hotel Site is Now Owned by LAUSD: A Long Running Saga Begins Yet Another Chapter." Interview with Kathi Littmann. The Planning Report. April 2002.

Designing Schools As Community Resources: After school, Pre-K, Housing & Arts

1. 21st Century Community Learning Centers. Resources for Afterschool Programs.
2. After School Learning and Safe Neighborhoods Partnerships Office. Web Resources.
3. "Landmark Affordable Housing, Community Services Complex Planned for Canoga Park" News Release. CRA/LA. Kiara Harris. March 13, 2003.
4. "Charles Stuart Mott Foundation Makes Major Grant for Community Education."
5. "L.A. Planners Laud Mixed-Use Models for Housing, Schools." Interview with Jane Blumenfeld. The Planning Report. July 2002.

Schools as Centers of Healthy Neighborhoods: Obstacles to Coordination

1. Coalition for Community Schools Information
2. "Ready Schools: Practices to support the development and educational success of young children." California Children & Families Commission, Proposition 10 School Readiness Initiative. Prepared by UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities. Version 1 A. July 2002.

Collaborative Planning How To's

1. "Civil Rights, Civic Engagement, and Community Learning Environments" The George Lucas Educational Foundation. Steven Bingler, 2002.

Nuts and Bolts of Facilities Reform: A Legislative Reform Agenda

1. Legislative Summary: Joint-use Facilities and Collaborative Planning. Prepared by New Schools * Better Neighborhoods. March 15, 2003.
2. "Antonio Villaraigosa Speaks to Trust for Public Land on the Need for an Urban Environmental Agenda." The Planning Report. November 2002.
3. "Design-Build Contracting Offers Time & Cost Efficiencies for New School Construction." Interview with Chris Taylor. The Planning Report. December/January 2003.

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