NSBN Projects - East Los Angeles

"As a Board member and community advocate, I have seen first hand the work of NSBN in helping communities and public agencies to plan smarter neighborhood centered, family friendly educational facilities for our children and families. NSBN’s professionalism and commitment to authentic community involvement has helped develop strong relationships among all stakeholders."

Monica Garcia
Board Member, Los Angeles Unified School District

Boyle Heights Joint-Use Community ProjectIn the East Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights, the need for land for a new school and MTA station appeared to endanger an existing community pre-school, until the parties, with the support of then-Councilman (and now Mayor) Villaraigosa's office and the assistance of NSBN, worked out a collaborative, joint-use alternative. A visionary community master plan by Barrio Planners followed the signing of an MOU by LAUSD's Board President (and now Councilman) Jose Huizar, Rev. Jim Conn, an urban strategist with United Methodist Ministries, Plaza Community Center, and the Boyle Heights Learning Collaborative.

Boyle Heights Joint-Use Community ProjectWith additional support from the International Institute of Los Angeles, another childcare operator located within Boyle Heights and the Boyle Heights Learning Collaborative (a spin-off educational action group within the Roosevelt HS and new East LA HS feeder areas), the NSBN/Boyle Heights' stakeholders are now working with the Mayor's Office, LA City Council District 14, the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, the LA City Community Development and Engineering departments, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority , and the California Department of Transportation District 7 to co-develop a 2.5-block multipurpose community center with preschool facilities operated by both Plaza Community Center and International Institute, as well as other community-based programs.

Boyle Heights Joint-Use Community ProjectNSBN is pleased to announce that, on May 17, the L.A. Proposition Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee (COAC) approved a recommendation to include the NSBN planned Boyle Heights Joint-Use Community Center in the list of projects to be funded under Proposition O. The COAC, established by the voters, recommends projects to the City Council to be funded by proceeds from the Prop O bond. This project and its funding under Prop O is historic. The combination of a childcare center and social services in one location is not unique, but the inclusion of the Prop O component to clean up stormwater pollution in the adjacent neighborhood is truly unique. On May 25, 2006, the COAC's recommendation was approved by the Administrative Oversight Committee.