NSBN Projects - Lake Los Angeles

Community Profile

Jurisdiction Wilsona Elementary School District Superintendent – Ned McNabb

LA County Children’s Planning Council Service Planning Area 1

Los Angeles County Supervisor, 5th District – Michael Antonovich

State Assembly District 36: Sharon Runner

State Senate District 17: George Runner

Congressional District 25: Howard “Buck” McKeon

Basic Demographic Data

Ethnicity/Race: Whites represent 50% of the Zip Code population. Latinos: 29%; Blacks: 16%; and Asians: 2%. Income/Poverty: 31% of all households make less than $25,000 a year. Education/Language Spoken: 24% of all adults hold less than a high school education. 25% of the Zip Code population speaks a non-English language at home

Families with Children Ages 0-6

Presence of Families with Children Ages 0-6i
The Zip Code has a slightly larger proportion of families with children ages 0-6 than countywide.

  • 26% - 3,625 out of 13,872 families in the Zip Code have children ages 0-6.
  • 25% - 543,233 out of 2,136,977 families in Los Angeles County have children aged 0-6.
Average Third Grade Test Scores

Moderately Low 3rd Grade Test Scoresii
Average test scores taken from two elementary schools in the Wilsona Elementary School District were moderately low:

  • 20% of third graders scored at the below basic or far below basic level in English and Language Arts.
  • 14% of third graders cored at the below basic or far below basic level in Math.

30% of third graders in the WIlsona Elementary School District scored at or above the 50th National Percentile in reading (compared to 30% in LA County).iii
The average API base for the two schools in the project area was 703 out of a statewide performance target of 800.iv

Incidence of Low
Birth Weight Babies

Moderate Incidence of Low-birth Weight Babies.v
8% or 79 babies out of 945 live births in the Zip Code were born with low birth weights.
6.6% or 10,213 babies out of 153,523 live births in Los Angeles County were born with low birth weights.

The Zip Code is listed by the county as a high-risk area for child lead poisoning.vi

Incidence of Newborn Death

Low Incidence of Newborn Disability and Diseasevii
The infant death rate in the Zip Code was lower than in LA County

  • The infant death rate in the Zip Code was 4.3 per 1,000 live births.
  • The infant death rate in SPA 1 was 7.0 per 1,000 live births.
  • The infant death rate in Los Angeles County was 5.9 per 1,000 live births