NSBN Projects - Lennox

"What is exciting about the process that NSBN provided us with was the opportunity to include other folks that we generally cannot afford to come and join us in that conversation. Through that collaborative effort, the picture expanded."

Ken Knott
Assistant Superintendent, Lennox School District

LennoxConstruction of an exciting joint-use site has begun at Lennox's Whelan Elementary School. NSBN anticipates that all construction will be completed in time for the 2006-2007 school year. Once completed, this site will provide a host of services including Preschool, School Readiness, Healthy Start, and Adult Education. In addition to the Whelan Elementary project, Lennox School District and NSBN are currently collaborating on LAUP preschool projects in Lennox at Bufford, Felton, and Moffett elementary schools.