NSBN Projects - Paramount

Zamboni ElementaryNSBN initially worked with the Paramount Unified School District (PUSD) to collaboratively master plan an expansion of Pre-K and Open Space at Los Cerritos Elementary School. An eight-acre park is now being designed and the classrooms are in operation. NSBN is continuing its work with PUSD by investing in the development of a preschool master-plan for the entire school district with a focus on new facilities at the Zamboni (formerly Orange Ave.) and Collins elementary schools located in Paramount and North Long Beach, respectively. Temporary facilities are being planned for installation later this year, as the first stage of a long-term planning, design, community outreach, and construction process. These preschools on existing school campuses will serve approximately 48 children in two areas that have been defined by LAUP as being in "greatest need" for new preschool seats.