What Next?  What Next?
This new monograph begins with NSBNís creation in 1999 following a conference at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, to celebrate not only the passage of Los Angeles Unified School Districtís first school bond in 25 years, but also the passage of multi-billion dollar state and local library and park bonds.
Green Schools Practitioner Guide  Green Schools Practitioner Guide [PDF - 5MB]
A practical guide for community leaders who want to build stronger, greener communities though joint-use schools.
What If?  What If?
California, wake up! Every year educational facilities are built all across the state. Too many of these facilities are dinosaurs the day they open.
A New Strategy for Building Better Neighborhoods  A New Strategy for Building Better Neighborhoods, presented to the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency, offers new redevelopment model for the CRA. If smart public investments are strategically made in new schools, libraries, and health facilities, new private investment and more livable communities will be the result.
Equity Beyond Dollars  Equity Beyond Dollars [PDF - 3.5MB]
A report funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.


Summer 2006 Newsletter  Summer 2006
This issue includes an article on the connection between education and health care, the planning of the schools as the 'center of the community in Lennox, Sen. Torlakson support of state legislation to encourage and fcilitate joint-use schools, and Former state architect Castellanos proposal on reform on how schools are designed and built. [10 articles]
Winter 2006 Newsletter  Winter 2006
Mayor Antonio Villaraigsa expresses his enthusiastic support for joint use and neighborhood-centered schools in this issue of the NSBN newsletter. Other articles includge Gary Mangiofico of LAUP, Maria Casillas of Families in Schools, Dr. Neal Kaufman on shools and public health, and an interview with NSBN's new executive director, John Hurtado. [10 articles]
Winter 2005 Newsletter  Winter 2005
This issue includes an article on how Pasadena schools and the City of Pasadena are working closely together to launch a community conversation about the best location for a new joint-use school in NW Pasadena. [11 articles]
 Spring 2004
David Abel and KnowlegeWorks appear in this issue. [10 articles]
 Summer 2003
Featured articles include interviews with Los Angeles Unified School District's Superintendent Roy Romer and with Lou Smith, Chief Operating Officer of San Diego City Schools. [8 articles]
Fall 2001 Newsletter  Fall 2001
This issue includes an interview with Assembly member Dario Frommer about urban parks and schools, as well as the environmental ramifications and funding mechanisms that go with them. [9 articles]
Summer 2001 Newsletter  Summer 2001
In this issue, State Architect Stephan Castellanos urges that we focus on reforming the rules that force us to rely on old and tired building regulations and NSBN Chairman, David Abel, writes about the current and growing need for a comprehensive plan to expand our school facilities through joint use with libraries and parks. [9 articles]