What If

A Common Vision

"We need to be thinking long term. There is no short-term solution to the long-term condition of more and more young people needing to be educated. But the fact of the matter is that temporary solutions like portables just are not effective. So I say to all decision makers-members of school boards, state legislatures, Governors, and the majority in Congress-we need to think long term, we need to think permanent, and we need to get on with the business of building schools that can truly be centers of community and centers of learning. We have a window of opportunity here."

Richard Riley
U.S. Secretary of Education

"California's population could explode by over 18 million residents in the next decades. We can and must make certain that this growth will have a positive, not negative, impact on our economy and quality of life. I have fought for the wise management of our natural resources and have voted to preserve thousands of acres of wetlands, old-growth forests, and wildlife habitats. Urban sprawl must be stopped. Land must be preserved for enjoyment by the public and for agricultural use in order to keep California number one in the world in farm produce."

Governor Gray Davis