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California faces the unenviable task of building hundreds of new schools to relieve overcrowded classrooms and serve a growing student population. To accomplish this mission, NSBN promotes the concept of designing smaller school facilities that can build upon and accommodate existing community land and facilities to save on the time, money, land, and other resources used to duplicate functions elsewhere.

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What Next Cover What Next Released May 10, 2010
"For over a decade NSBN has advanced a vision of schools sited, designed and built to breathe new life into underserved neighborhoods by integrating what communities need and can increasingly little afford - more preschools, recreational and adult education centers and health-related services sites - into traditional single-use, public schools buildings and campuses.
New Schools Better Neighborhood's new monograph "What Next?" builds on the findings of its 1999 "What If" monograph and draws lessons from NSBN portfolio of joint-use schools, and like efforts and accomplishments around the US.
Working to ensure that schools are the center of our communities couldn't be more timely. With waning state resources to fund critical services-from education to parks, health care to transportation-local communities must be empowered to leverage multi-agency capacity to help families get what they need during these difficult times. Neighborhood schools provide a unique opportunity for these efforts to connect and better address the needs of California?s diverse communities."

If You Want to Build a Better Community, It Takes a School
An Op-Ed by David Abel and Jonathan Fielding
February 24,2005, Los Angeles Times

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