January 21, 2000 Symposium, Occidental College - Los Angeles

Last May, New Schools / Better Neighborhoods (NSBN) successfully sponsored a symposium at the Getty Center which brought together over 150 local, regional, State and national leaders to explore how to better site, design, and build schools in Southern California, and ultimately, to define a 21st Century vision for new school facilities in urban areas. The January 21, 2000 symposium at Occidental College was intended as a follow up symposium to provide updates on the initiative's progress, discuss what had been learned, and determine what challenges remained.

The symposium included the following:

  • NSBN Progress Report
    Learn about community engagement models for siting new schools, successful joint-use projects, and the relationship between instruction and facilities.
  • Remaining Challenges
    A group of experts will present their findings on the challenges of site selection, environmental issues, funding, project management, etc. to successfully build new school facilities
  • Working Sessions
    We will discuss critical information on regulatory reform recommendations, best practices for joint use of school facilities, coordination between facilities planning and school curriculum, and press coverage of educational issues.
  • Implementing the Vision
    A variety of elected officials will be present to consider how to convert these efforts into a more concrete reality.

For more details see the symposium program.