Schools as Centers of Neighborhood Vitality

Symposium Program - May 29, 2003
The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California

Co-sponsors: First 5 LA, California Endowment, LA AIA, James Irvine Foundation, Fannie Mae, KnowledgeWorks Foundation, National Afterschool & Community Learning Network, IEL, Century Housing, State Architect, Sony Pictures Corp., LA Area Chamber, California Policy Reform Network

  • 7:30 Registration & Continental Breakfast
  • 8:00 Welcome & Overview
    Welcome: David Abel & Ken Robinson
    Secretary of State & Consumer Services Agency Aileen Adams,
    Former Assembly Speaker Robert Hertzberg, Esq., Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw
  • 8:20 The Challenge to Building Schools as Centers of Neighborhood Vitality
    Introduction: Barry Munitz
    Remarks: Former US Secretary of Education Richard Riley
    Responders*: Dr. Robert K. Ross, John Mockler, Chad Wick, Don Attore, Ernie Cortez
  • 9:10 The Art of the Possible: A Replicable Mixed Use Neighborhood Centered School Model
    Case Study: NSBN’s Collaborative Work to Revitalize an Inner-City Neighborhood
    Moderators: Dr. Neal Kaufman & Renata Simril
    Panel: Councilman Ed Reyes, Guy Mehula, Bob Hale, Dora Gallo, Susan Cline
    Responders*:Lori Morgan, David Marquez, Ana Cubas, Andrew Adelman, Craig Lancaster
  • 10:10 Breakout Panels: How To Take One of A Kind Lessons Learned to SCALE

    A. City Heights & Elizabeth Street: Models of Shared Use Neighborhood Schools
    Moderators: Dean Daniel Mazmanian & Cecilia Estolano, Esq. (Museum Lecture Hall)
    Panel: Lou Smith, Dr. Neal Halfon, Mary Wright

    Responders*: Lori Morgan, Barbara Diamond, Betty King, Joaquin Sanchez, Robin Brown
    B. Charter Schools: Alternative Neighborhood Centered School Facility Successes
    Moderators: John Mockler & Anita Landecker (Studio Rooms A & B)
    Panel: Ana Ponce, John Perez, Yvonne Chan, Bill Siart
    Responders*:Caprice Young, Paul Cummins, Larry Gotlieb, Philip Lance, David Tokofsky

    C. Sustainable Design: High Performance “Environment Friendly”
    New Community Schools
    Moderators: Kevin Sullivan & Aileen Adams (GRI Lecture Hall)
    Panel: Angelo Bellomo, Andy Lipkis, Stephen Castellanos
    Responders*: Deborah Weintraub, Brenda Levin, Bill Jones, Tom Soto
  • 11:20 Breakout Panels: Reform Incentives for Building Neighborhood Schools

    A.The Challenges to Collaboratively Planning and Leveraging Funding to Build Mixed Use
    Neighborhood Centered Schools
    Moderators: Robert Hertzberg & Mary Filardo (Studio Rooms A & B)
    Panel: Superintendent Jim Brown, Kathi Littman, Lori Morgan
    Responders*: Robert Norris, Doug Otto, Barbara Sandoval, Lou Smith, Tony Coroalles,
    Ray Colmenar, John Mockler, Alberto Tovar, Maria Medina

B. Designing Schools as Community Resources: After School, Pre-K, Housing, Arts
Moderators: Ken Robinson & Terry Peterson (Museum Lecture Hall)
Panelists: Karen Hill Scott, Lisa Villarreal, Carla Sanger
Responders*: Barbara Diamond, Larry Kaplan, Santiago Jackson, John Gray, John Wolter

C. Schools as Centers of Healthy Neighborhoods: Obstacles to Coordination
Moderator: Alan Arkatov (GRI Lecture Hall)
Panel: Dr. Robert K. Ross, Dr. Neal Halfon, Michael Ruane, Marlene Canter
Responders*: Ali Barar, Kim Uyeda, Miriam Simmons, Miguel Santana, Ana Ponce

  • 12:30 A Networking Lunch Break
  • 1:15 What If: New Schools, Better Neighborhoods, More Livable Communities
    Moderator: Steve Soboroff—County Supervisor Yvonne Burke (Museum Lecture Hall)
    Remarks: Robert Hertzberg, Esq. & Robert Garcia, Esq.
    Responders*: Richard Riley, John Perez, Joe Edmiston, Scott Plotkin
  • 2:15 Breakout Panels: From Research to Policy to Action

    A. Community Round Table: Collaborative Planning How To’s
    Moderators: Jacquelyn McCroskey & Paul Vandeventer (Studio Rooms A & B)
    Panel: Virgil Roberts, Yolie Aguilar, Dr. Neal Kaufman
    Responders*: Anita Landecker, Sue Park, Peggy Funkhouser, Fred Register, Richard Hollingsworth, Doug Otto, Ann Hickambottom, Denise Fairchild, Dan Whitehurst, Mary View-Schneider, Heather Barrett

B. Nuts and Bolts of Facilities Reform: A Legislative Reform Agenda
For Building Mixed Use Neighborhood Centered Schools
Moderators: Roderick Hamilton & Dr. Neal Halfon (Museum Lecture Hall)
Panel: Councilmember Elect Antonio Villaraigosa, CD14, John Mockler, Connie Rice
Responders*: Dr. Percy Clark, Jr., Gary Moody, Cecilia Estolano, Dr. Joe Condon, Dean Karen Gallagher, Sharon Mayer, Ron Bagel

C. How Should We Fund Collaborative, Stakeholder Master Planning?
Moderators: Ayahlushim Hammond & Paul Hernandez (GRI Lecture Hall)
Panel: Chad Wick, Lori Morgan, Steven Bingler, Stephen Castellanos, Sam Kirk
Responders*: Tom Duffy, Esteban Lizardo, Ali Barar, Judy Seal, Reuben De Leon

  • 3:30 Panels Report-Outs of Recommendations re: Goals and Next Steps
    (Museum Lecture Hall)
    3:55 Commentary: David Abel Moderating a Symposium Summary Roundtable
  • 4:25 Closing: Ken Robinson

*Responders will be the first called upon to offer comments from the Audience