Summer 2006 Newsletter

Summer 2006 Newsletter

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Featured Articles

  • Yaroslavsky Champions Joint-Use Health Clinic in Sun Valley
    Recognizing the natural connection between education and health care, L.A. County and LAUSD, in conjunction with supporting agencies, broke ground on a revolutionary community health clinic on the campus of Sun Valley Middle School. Designed not only to bring health care to a badly under-served community but also to leverage scarce real estate, the clinic brings services close to those who need it most: the children and families of Sun Valley. NSBN was pleased to speak with L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky about the vision behind this crucial community resource.
  • Project Updates: NSBN Engages With 'High-Need' Communities Throughout L.A. County
    NSBN is currently working on over a dozen projects to bring community-centered pre-K and other much-needed services to L.A. County. These projects include partnerships with school districts, pre-K providers, religious and community groups.  NSBN's master planning and community engagement services are supported and funded by public and private entities including First 5/LA, LA Universal Preschool, the California Endowment, the Susan and Michael Dell Foundation, and others.
  • Schools Planned as 'Center of the Community' in Lennox
    As an unincorporated community in L.A. County, Lennox does not provide the range of services that a city would. It does, however, have its own elementary school district, on which the families of Lennox, many of whom are low-income, depend. It is only natural, then, that Lennox would want to respond to the unique needs of Lennox families by forming a partnership with NSBN to plan its new pre-K center. Lennox School District Assistant Superintendant Ken Knott spoke with NSBN about the planning process for this new facility.
  • Sen. Torlakson Sponsors State Legislation to Encourage and Facilitate Joint-Use Schools
    Despite all the arguments in favor of joint use, state law does not always facilitate, or even allow, multiple jurisdictions to collaborate and leverage their funds and assets in a way that would save money and benefit communities and families.  But State Senator Tom Torlakson (D-Antioch) is trying to change that.  Committed to delivering public services as efficiently as possible, he has introduced SB 1677, which would encourage joint use in a variety of ways.  SB 1677 would re-define the sorts of facilities that can be used for education, and it would provide more flexible funding for joint use projects, especially those that use California’s billions of dollars in education bond monies.  NSBN was pleased to speak with Sen. Torlakson about this crucial legislation.
  • LAUP Seeks to Bring Preschool to High-Need Areas as Soon as Possible
    Dedicated to making preschool available to all of L.A. County's 4-year-olds, LA Universal Preschool distributes funds for siting and building-out new pre-K seats in the county's most under-served communities. Despite the defeat of Prop 82, LAUP continues to pursue this mission by leveraging scarce resources and collaborating with model partners such as NSBN. Under the direction of CEO Graciela Italiano-Thomas, LAUP is collaborating with NSBN on projects described on page 21.

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